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Across Lite revolutionized electronic crossword solving since it arrived more than a decade ago.

We are about to do it again...


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The magic of iPad is making it real, not converting it into a laptop with touch! Crossword enthusiasts will realize the joys of solving a crossword on a page. Everything you need is on the page. Clues in your peripheral vision triggering thoughts and solutions, it has to be experienced to be believed...

Managing your crossword collection is easy with the content manager. Arranged as pages in books. You can quickly see the titles for each crossword and your current state of solving on the page as you browse.

We have always recognized that people vary in their tastes and styles and our software has always been known for extensive customization features. This continues to the next generation apps which expose a large number of customization settings to suit every possible taste.






We knew people would be solving crosswords in many different light conditions from bright sunlight outdoors to night lamps in bed. The contrast settings allow you to adjust to any situation or as personal tastes dictate.

Everyone touches the screen in different ways, some precisely, some not so! With the full screen being touch sensitive as you can touch clues or the grid to select, it gives plenty of opportunities for many to inadvertently touch the screen. So we decided to accommodate all by allowing customized touch sensitivity settings for different areas to suit your style. It works so well, we think Apple should license this copyrighted idea from us to make it a standard feature of the iPad for all applications!


The patent-pending SmartMove™ technology captures what expert solvers do sub-consciously, solve the crossword in a cris-cross pattern to leverage previously entered letters to the maximum. We decided to "bottle it" and put it in our app for the less-than-experts amongst us. For most people, just using this button will improve their solving results by a couple of notches. It can be switched off if you have/get enough skills to not need it.

The patent-pending ClueScan™ feature is extremely useful as you attempt harder crosswords and you need to leverage any and all crossing clues to get even a single letter. While the full page view allows you to scan the crossing clues, this is one area where software can help. Touching the ClueScan button will successively highlight crossing clues temporarily. You can even customize it to scan at a comfortable pace with a single touch!

Across Crossword Trainer
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The exquisite solver is combined with specially prepared crosswords annotated with learning points to improve crossword solving skills. You will learn cris-cross solving techniques, use of cliches in crosswords, clue scanning techniques, themes and word play to prepare you for the wonderful world of renowned and respected published crosswords.


Across Lite for iPad
Across Lite
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Solve any Across Lite format (.puz) crossword available on the web.

"The crossword solver the iPad was designed for... with EXTREME attention to detail"
  • Unique printed page look for solving

  • Unique edge keys, virtual or physical keyboard

  • Customizable contrasts for different light conditions

  • Customizable touch sensitivity for clue, grid and keys

  • Customizable display and solving options

  • SmartMove™ clue selection to emulate expert solvers

  • E-mail as puz file or PDF (printing with 4.2 iOS release)

  • ClueScan™ for crossing clues

  • And so much more you will discover on your own...

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