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The app includes a 3 min audio walk-through of the very basics of the app for first-time users. Click the picture above to play a low-resolution video capture of the animation in a separate window/tab (sorry, flash-enabled browsers only for this web preview which means you will not be able to see it if you are here on an iPad!).

Packaged with 75 specially constructed gradated crosswords to take you from the basics to advanced solving techniques.

Notes attached to each crossword provide brief learning points, encouragement, and tips. As you progress through the gradated crosswords, you will learn specific skills in steps. There are enough crosswords to eventually put all of them to use. By the time you finish the 75 crosswords included in the app, you should have picked up enough skills to try some of the finer crosswords from reputable newspapers and can leave the tabloid and hotel newspapers behind.

The SmartMove™ button with its unique and patent pending technology to capture the cris-cross solving patterns of experts help you master the number one problem beginners and inexperienced face - not leveraging letters already entered. Letting it guide you in the beginning will help you learn this technique until it becomes second nature. This alone will help you progress to much harder crosswords than you have been able to do before.



The app includes a comprehensive set of quick reference cards in the How Do I... section if you encounter difficulties at any time. These cards also include a number of tips. While the basic use of the app is simple and natural, you can discover many ways in which the app can be customized for your style and comfort to make solving a pleasure in this extremely sophisticated solver.

You can contact us at any time whether to get help, to report a problem, to provide suggestions and feedback or to interact with us via Twitter. The Contact us tab provides you with all of these convenient options right from the app.

While the focus of this app is on building crossword solving skills, the solver included in this app is the most sophisticated crossword solver ever built. It is based on more than a decade of experience in crosswords with our Across Lite product, the most widely used crossword software on the web. You can discover more of the capabilities of this solver for the iPad by clicking on the picture above.

"A cross-trainer for your mind"

Are you new to crosswords? Or maybe you simply want to improve your skills. Are you frustrated in not being able to solve US-style English crosswords from respected newspapers and perhaps even doubting your ability? Now there is an app for that. This trainer kit will help you improve your skills considerably. Not with tedious study material or tests - just by solving crosswords.

Crossword solving skills are a combination of ability, technique and practice. A unique feature to scan and select clues to solve based on techniques from expert solvers will help you incorporate those techniques into your solving. Carefully and professionally constructed crosswords included in the kit take you through a progression of easy, medium and transitional levels, with increasing levels of word play and themes. They will also familiarize you with most of the oft-repeated crossword "clich├Ęs" to make solving harder puzzles much easier. Brief notes for each crossword provide learning points.

You will enjoy improving your skills in the most enjoyable crossword solver ever built.

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